Greatly enjoy sturgeon eggs

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Caviar is prized for its purity, fatty taste and nutty flavor. Black caviar is known to be an expensive food, but it's actually more valuable than you might think. There are many ways to enjoy caviar such as direct tasting eggs or combining them with blini dumplings, chives, herbs and eggs. Therefore, many people want to buy beluga caviar to try one time.

Eat each small spoonful of the black caviar to experience the pure taste of the egg

You have to pay a lot of money to buy beluga caviar, so you have to try it in the special way. Use your tongue to roll the eggs, which helps you fully feel the delicate flavor of the egg, which is not possible if you use your teeth to bite. Tasting sturgeon eggs is the same as how you taste wine. Smell the scent before tasting, then stir the eggs around in your mouth cavity. Caviar is intended to be tasted or served in small amounts. If you use it directly, only use ½ teaspoon (about 2.67 g) of black caviar at a time. If using a combination of other dishes, only use 1-3 teaspoons (equivalent to 5.33 - 16 g) of sturgeon eggs.

Roll the blini with chives, caviar to create a classic appetizer

Cereal flavor from blini; The chives' slightly sour spicy flavor is the perfect complement to the fatty taste of black caviar after buy caviar. You can use blini dumplings or pancakes made from flour or buckwheat flour.

Use additional toppings for blini cakes like butter and sour cream to enhance caviar's natural fatty flavor.

Spread Fraiche cream on toast and sturgeon roe for appetizers.

Fraiche cream is both fatty and slightly sour, but not as harsh as sour cream (SOUR CREAM). This cream has a high fat content and is a mix of whipped cream (HEAVY CREAM) and sour cream plus a hint of yogurt. Crisp, triangle-cut toast offers a balanced combination of fraiche ice cream and black caviar. Some additional ingredients to consider to add to toast are sliced boiled eggs, butter, a dash of lemon juice, diced red onions or chopped chives.

Have caviar in the morning with eggs and butter black bread

To decorate, sprinkle mixed flour with chopped onions. Flavors from black bread and chopped onions add to the appeal of sturgeon eggs. Black bread is similar to rye bread, but incorporates licorice; plus a special aroma from the vinegar added to the dough. If you want a softer flavor, use traditional Jewish rye bread instead.

Sip a glass of vodka or champagne to cleanse your oral cavity

Since sturgeon eggs are a traditional Russian dish, it is often paired with vodka. Vodka complements the flavor of caviar and cleans your mouth cavity before enjoying it.

Other popular drinks to combine with black caviar are sparkling wine, white wine.

Incorporate black caviar into everyday recipes

Use caviar like any other food, not just at parties. You can enjoy sturgeon eggs with a salad or a vegetable pizza. The way out will help you have a new experience of the taste of black fish eggs.

Refurbish the classic cucumber salad with sour cream, lime juice and sturgeon eggs to enjoy. You can also make a delicious appetizer with baked potatoes paired with minced chives leaves, butter, sour cream and caviar. Add to the taste of a traditional egg salad when adding sturgeon eggs to sour cream.

First of all, to understand the Almas eggs it is necessary to go back to the history of millions of years.

Almas caviar is taken from Beluga white sturgeon in the Caspian Sea region of southern Russia.

This is the rarest and most expensive caviar, with prices ranging from $ 8,000 - $ 9,000 / kg (about 170-200 million dong). The Beluga white sturgeon is an ancient fish that dates back to the dinosaurs. To get the fish eggs, the Beluga sturgeon usually takes about 20 years to mature and produce eggs. Especially the older fish, the more their eggs have an elegant and wonderful flavor. That is also the reason why this dish has such a high price.

That's expensive, but you don't have to buy Beluga sturgeon eggs with money. Almas caviar is currently only sold at a store in London, England called The Caviar House and Punier.

Usually, customers who want to eat must pre-order and wait about 4 years to be able to buy Almas caviar. Of course, with the price of 2 billion VND / kg, Almas caviar becomes a super-giant dish, so it is very expensive to buy caviar.

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