Tell you how to write a graduate internship report in English language

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According to statistics, English is the "mother tongue" of more than 500 million people, the second language of more than 1 billion people and is recognized as the official language of more than 50 countries. With these speaking numbers, we can confirm that the English Language is the language that "dominates" the World. Therefore, the major in English is always attractive and is the choice of many students: an attractive subject, high job opportunities and stable income. In fact, all students who study this major before graduation need to successfully complete the report called the graduation internship report. However, in the training program, there is no subject to guide the writing of a graduation report in English. Research proposal writing service. has received a lot of questions from you regarding this topic. And to answer and provide knowledge for you, in this article we will guide in detail how to write an internship graduation report in English language.

Objective of the practice report on English language

Applying the background knowledge of the expertise, the basic knowledge of scientific research and the skills learned and hone in the learning process to write professional reports on the internship process at the internship unit. . From there, analyze and raise problems directly related to the field or major and propose solutions to that problem. Graduate internship report English is a practical exercise that shows the best capacity and professional qualifications of the students. In addition, this is also an opportunity for students to experience, learn, grasp job requirements and adapt to the working environment after graduation.

Layout and presentation format of the English internship report

  • English practice report layout:
  • Cover
  • Thank you
  • Abstract English
  • Summary Vietnamese
  • Reviews - Evaluation for internships (For trainees / instructors comment)
  • Table of contents
  • Main content (Focus part of the report)
  • References

Presentation form of graduation report in English language:

Completely drafted in English, summarized in Vietnamese.

Report printed on A4 paper size

Editing using Microsoft Word software. Note: Font: Time New Roman; Font size: 13pt; Align: Top (3.0cm), bottom (2.5cm), left (3.5cm), right (2.5cm).

Length: Minimum of 20 pages and maximum of 50 pages (Excluding cover page, table of contents and references).

Deploy content of the English language graduate internship report

In the main content, it will be divided into many chapters and sub-subsections aimed at implementing core issues during the practice such as: Problem statement, status analysis, problem solving. Usually, The English language graduate internship report content will include by research proposal writing service:

Chapter I: Introduction and context of the internship report

1.1 Purposes of the internship: Purpose is determined based on the specialized knowledge equipped in the learning process.

1.2. Significance of the internship stating the importance of the internship. In addition, the writer also needs to indicate his aspirations and work plan after graduation.

Chapter II: Introduction to the organization / unit of internship (A brief description of the company)

Brief introduction about the agency / unit / company you choose to practice with:

Company name

Scope of work


Human resources administrative organization

The department in which you work

Chapter III: Practice content

3.1. Job description:

The content of the work is assigned during the internship.

Methods and methods of performing the assigned work.

3.2. Experience gained through practice:

Point out which theoretical knowledge has been strengthened and applied in doing the job.

Skills learned at the internship unit

Experience learned after the internship in the unit

Chapter IV: Appendix (if any)

Chapter V: Conclusion (Conclusion):

Summarize the results achieved after practice again.

Point out strengths and limitations during the internship and open up solutions to solve or develop later.

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